AMENsiders- Samax Amen Fan Club

I want to invite you to sign up for a VIP membership in AMENSIDERS: the Samax Amen Fan Club!

In addition to creating financial space for my studio practice as a painter, cartoonist, and arts activist, your monthly membership fee will enable me to choose to do more important work with those non-profits, schools, and small clients who may have the greatest need for my particular skill set, but cannot afford to pay a professional rate for it. 
VIP Membership gives you:

  1. Monthly Greeting/Post Card- Yes, I will mail you at least one greeting card or post card every month (I love you guys).  I'm not talm'bout cheesy business promos, I'm talking about nice cards with my art on 'em!  Greetings, birthday cards, holiday cards, etc.  I like to keep in touch. 
  2. Exclusive access to my secret Members-Only AMENsiders VIP Facebook group, where you can build and destroy with like-minded peeps from all walks of life.
  3. Live Q & A's, where you can ask me anything you want! Advice about art, marketing, my opinion about your favorite rapper's mixtape, or whatever.  Let's make it interesting!
  4. Behind-the-scenes updates on projects in progress, that I don't even show to the email subscribers. 
  5. Exclusive discounts on my Products and Services- a lot of subscribers keep asking when I am putting this or that on sale.  I don't do sales that often, but when I do, VIPs get the sales first. ALL my sales are limited, so if the VIPs snap up all the spots (which they often do), the sale's over.
  6. Help Overturn Wrongful Convictions- I donate 10% of my revenue each month to the Innocence Project, a nonprofit that works to exonerate innocent people through DNA testing and reform the criminal justice system to prevent injustice.

    My hope is that as I serve my clients and fans, I can help give wrongly-convicted people their lives back.  
VIP Memberships start at $10/month.  

Join at $25/Month or More, and you'll receive a package of curated merchandise with my art (teeshirts, stickers , posters, books, original art, etc) in the mail each month!
Sign up via the yellow button below.  Cancel at any time.

monthly fee
tee shirt size

If you have any questions, CLICK HERE to email me, so I can answer them. While you're here, CLICK HERE to sign up for my free, customizable newsletter


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