Daily (yeah right) Sketch: The Whizzer

The Whizzer by Samax Amen.
here's my sketch of the Whizzer from the classic Marvel Alternaverse JLA limited series Squadron Supreme (which I HIGHLY recommend, if you never read it). did this for the daily sketch challenge (been too busy to do it daily) with a ball point and a sharpie. the speed lines were done in photoshop.

happily, this one came really fast (about 15 minutes)... there's a pun in there somewhere, but I gotta go now!
hope y'all enjoy it!


jason quinones said...

AWESOME LINES AND MOTION! dig the herman heed pages too. kinda kyle baker looking.

samax said...

thanks, bro! I think your art is hilarious, too! I check your blog and see your stuff on artjumble all the time!
great stuff!

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