A Dope Sketch...

Untitled (Smoke) by Samax Amen
Some of you have already seen the wallpaper that Matt Warlick made by inking and coloring this sketch (if not, you can peep and download it here), but this is the original drawing I did a few years back. Even though I do not smoke myself, I have always enjoyed drawing people smoking. Several people who are very dear to me are Rastafarians, for whom smoking is a religious sacrament like praying or the Lord's Supper/Communion. When I drew this, I was thinking of it more as a romantic depiction of a spiritual experience than as a commercial for smoking per se... but as usual, I'm happy to let people receive it however they want.

easy now...


Jason Quinones said...


Jason Quinones said...

fantastic smoke rings and swirls and hand! just thought i'd add a bit more to my earlier critique.

Samax said...

yep. I do my best sketches when I'm supposed to be doing something else... did this one when I was a call-center monkey.

boring job, but my doodles were EPIC!

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