Ms Marvel Sketch

Untitled sketch (Ms. Marvel) by Samax Amen.
ballpoint pen, watercolor brush pen on scratch paper. gray tones added in photoshop.

Did this for the daily sketch group I joined awhile back... it helps to draw something different than the comic I'm working on, just to keep my mind right. With no pressure to please anyone... maybe you understand...
anyways, I decided I would draw whatever the challenge was today, and it was Carol Danvers as Ms Marvel [note: She has since graduated to Captain Marvel. Another character is Ms. Marvel now].
I think this character has a ton of potential. I like how they handled her during the alternate reality crossover House of M... In that world, Carol was the greatest and most famous superhero in the world... and after it was over, she could still remember what it felt like to be great. that adds great depth to a pretty lame character by creating tons of conflict and story potential.
anyways, back to my regularly scheduled program (already in progress)...
Want me to draw YOUR favorite superhero?

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Marcus McElhaney said...

Samax, this a great drawing. I enjoy your art very much!

samax said...

thanks Marcus! I appreciate it!

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