Please buy YOURSELF something for my Birthday

Hey there! Today I turned 37 years old. I won't be partying hard though. I'll be working hard drawing comics for my client, blogging, doing Daddy Day Care with my daughter and generally making the ends get acquainted. All I really want for my Birthday (or any other day) is to be productive and successful. The best present YOU can give me today is to buy one or more of the products I have available.

For all my new readers, I have some comics I self-published as 1/5th of the Mighty GhostWerks crew. The main books we did together, Champion of Children and the GhostWerksComics anthology are both fun books, suitable for kids or adults and are available here. The issue shown here Champion of Children: Afterschool Special #1 is sold out, but still has 4 or 5 copies. To order from them dirt cheap click this link. They are selling the books for less than the cover price, so I don't know how long they will be there, now that I let the cat out of the bag! They have a massive catalog of comics over there, so go nuts. if you use my links to get there and buy stuff, they'll break me off a few pennies from each dollar you spend, so we BOTH win!

I also published a full color 62 page book of my art, writing and sketches called Spontaneous that would be a great introduction to my work for people that have never bought any of my stuff. A lot of the stuff I post on this blog goes into Spontaneous, so if you enjoy this blog, I think you'd enjoy it. it's available in multiple outlets, but you can save a few bucks by ordering from Indyplanet (just click here). I'm working on a new volume of Spontaneous that should be ready in a couple of months at the most. Send me an email if you want to preorder and be the first kid on your block to get the new joint.

If you're a fan of comics, hipHop, or art you probably should be reading my magazine GhettoManga. It's a comics anthology, street culture magazine, and unpretentious art rag all rolled into one. You can order back issues of GM on Indyplanet too. Just click here. If you have read and enjoyed ghettoManga before, you might like to buy a 4 issue subscription for just $24 ($28 with shipping). if so, email me, and I'll send you an invoice!
Of course, if you don't like comics and don' t want to buy a book or magazine, check out other products (like coffee mugs, teeshirts, mousepads, etc) with my art on it here.
And finally, If you just wanna give me money for nothing on my birthday (SWEET!), you can donate to my birthday fund here. Most of the time, this money is used for art supplies, publishing and business expenses, but pampers get some of this money too!
Anyways, hopefully you found something worth separating you from your hard-earned scrill, but if not thanks anyway for caring enough to read this! If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them!
have a great day!


Vee (Scratch) said...

Happy Birthday Bro!
Hopefully Indy Planet sends me Spontaneous on time. I also finally purchased BlackBird. That dude owes you grattitude or something, for bringing awareness to his project.

Samax said...

Yeah, Indyplanet can be slow sometimes... thanks for ordering though!
Charlie Goubile has actually thanked me more than once for promoting his work. He's a good dude who makes comics and other art in the spirit that we like to see, so I feel like i hafta shine on it.
It's like when I posted that Freaknik thing and dude popped up screaming on it, even though he hadn't seen it, and complaining about stuff he doesn't like... part of his thesis was that there was no good positive stuff, then you rattled off ten things off the top of your head. lol!

we have to draw attention to the kind of stuff we wanna see more of! that's what ghettoManga's all about!
thanks again for all your support, and for being a cool guy!

Vee (Scratch) said...

Yeah, draw attention to the stuff we want or create it ourselves.
Go GhettoManga!

I'm glad that Indy Planet has preview pages.

Samax said...


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