Here's a bunch of recent drawings and stuff

I been so busy lately, I haven't been posting all the artwork I'm doing, so here's a quick dump. I'm sure I'm leaving some stuff out, but here's some recent drawings and stuff for you to look at...

this pic of Powerman/Luke Cage was done for one of my GhettoManga Quarterly subscribers. While I was working on it, I decided that the next issue would be a Luke Cage tribute issue (the Sweet Christmas Special...hee!).
I did this Savage Dragon joint for fellow Dallas boondocks area cartoonist Matt Warlick. I'll probably color it when I get the time.
I did this for a client this week. Of course, she didn't like it, so it's back to the drawing board. :(
These were for a job interview I had on Wednesday. They seemed to like them, and the interview went well. Not sure if they will offer me the job or not...  but yeah, I'm looking to go back to the 9 to 5 world. My biggest clients are all cutting back on freelance stuff, and the clients I have left don't pay nearly enough (I love you though) to support a family. I'll continue to do freelance work, but just won't have as much time to spend on trying to find new clients. It will be nice not to have to read ten to twenty rejection emails a day, I guess. For now, I have plenty of work to catch up on, so I'll see you later. Hope you enjoy the art!

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