new Mixtape artwork

Bang Ya Head III #2 mixtape artwork by Samax Amen...
I was commissioned recently by California emcee extraordinaire Medaphoar aka MED to do cover artwork for his upcoming Bang Ya Head III mixtape series. He had a pretty good idea what he wanted, so it was pretty easy. I drew a quick sketch on paper, then made the magic happen in Photoshop. For the record, MED is extremely dope, so click here to peep his previous mixtape on GhettoManga if you like quality rappin'. Once this one drops, I will make sure to post it over there, too.
Well, thankfully, I have a lotta freelance work right now, so I gotta get back to the drawing board!


Mike Hawthorne said...



Samax said...

thanks, bro!
I'll make sure and hit you up with the link when this mixtape goes online! Make sure you cop that other one, too!

o f l o d a said...

This is dope!

Samax said...

Thanks. I'm very happy with it.

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