New Drawing:Talisman (from Alpha Flight)

 Took me about 45 minutes to draw Talisman, the native Canadian mystic, daughter of Shaman from Alpha Flight...

I loved this character back in the day on Alpha Flight, which was written and drawn by John Byrne, my favorite artist at the time. Byrne's Alpha Flight had all the energy of a creator-owned independent comic, but retaining access to all Marvel's best toys. Byrne did a great job spinning off more and more characters and situations, and every character had his/her own plotlines. Anyways, everyone knows I like to draw big girls, but I wanted to draw this character true to the original design as I could, so no thunder thighs on this one! It's not perfect, but I liked the way this turned out. Now I gotta get some sleep, then it's back to the drawing board! I have a few freelance assignments to work on over the weekend...

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