Cartoon Portrait- Preston Haley by Samax

I See What You Did There... by +Samax Amen

Here's a drawing I did over the weekend of my dude Preston Haley. I got to know Preston first on Twitter, as he was a fan of my work at GhettoManga, and came to appreciate his good taste in music, comics and art. I eventually met him in person, so I can confirm that he actually exists, and is not just some exquisitely programmed spambot.
Anyways, I drew this with a big brush Faber-Castle pen and a wite-out pen on 110 lb cardstock. I probably had a little bit more fun than I should drawing his beard, because beards are awesome. If you've been following my work for very long, you know I heart using halftone screens in photoshop to imitate old-school zipatone. Up until now, I didn't try to create a similar effect on portraits unless they were all digital, but for Preston's piece, I took it back to Mr. Ramirez's 7th grade Art class and hooked up the stipple... I forgot how much fun stippling is! CLICK HERE to have a picture of yourself, a friend, or your favorite fictional or historical character turned into a cool comicbook style drawing! Perfect for social media profile pics, avatars, etc, etc.


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