New Drawing- "Allumette" by @SamaxAmen

Here's a portrait I drew of teenaged Algerian killing machine Allumette, from the indie Spy-fi comic Protege. Allumette is an international assassin for hire and prototypical femme fatale. I was commissioned to draw her by series writer Terence Anthony and I immediately liked the character.
I think I will try to interview Terence for my magazine, but in the meantime, click here to check out Protege. Anyways, this drawing was done with Faber-castle brush pens. One is the >>Big Brush<< Pen and the other just says Pitt Artist pen. So, yeah. I like them... they use India ink #199, so it almost looks as dark as inking with a brush. Sweet! As usual, I drew this on some 110lb premium cardstock paper that I got at an office supply store. I like to keep it simple.

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Have a great day! 

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