It's gonna be a @LifeInDeepEllum kinda weekend...

I'll be at Life in Deep Ellum all weekend!

  • TONIGHT (Friday)- Getting my interactive, multi-genre art explosion on at DaVerse Lounge: Season 9! Interactive art stations. DJs and live music. It'll be dope. Did I mention it's free? Yeah.
  • SATURDAY- Kicking it at the ArtLoveMagic Kids Workshop doing a minicomics station with some of my LIDE peeps. Come out and kick it with us! Make comics, paint, laugh, sing and more! You can bring kids too if you have some laying around...
  • SUNDAY- Kicking it with the rest of the Son seekers at the Gathering, then I'm taking a Volunteering workshop after that. You don't have to be on the list, just crash. There's snacks, yo...
If you see me, act like you know me!

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