From the Archives: "Are You Done Yet?" by @SamaxAmen

Are You Done Yet? by Samax Amen

Are You Done Yet? is about the ongoing struggle to maintain a balance between creating art and having a successful personal life. Only recently have I gotten enough perspective to see that in many ways being and thinking like an artist has cost me a lot. The tunnel-vision and borderline obsessive traits that make for good comics and illustrating can put a strain on those close to me. Like many of my illustrations, Are You Done Yet? is not a statement of victorious achievement, but an expression of longing. That balance is not something I feel I have achieved, but something I am constantly reaching for.

I drew this a loooong time ago, and my life has changed a lot since then. Are You Done Yet? means even more to me now than when I drew it. Being a successful artist is all about being a whole, well-rounded person. Making money is not enough. Having a healthy relationship is not enough. Having a focused spiritual life is not enough. I want it all!
Wish me luck!

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