New Cartoon Portrait "Lady Vee" by @SamaxAmen PLUS that "Blade (Black Comix)" sketch, for those who missed it

I just noticed that I never got around to posting this one. Lady Vee is a portrait Domonic Prince commissioned of his lovely wife for her birthday last month. He also bought a portrait of her sister, the poet Inkwell J. I drew both portraits with pitt brush pens and sharpies on 110 lb cardstock.
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Domonic also bought a copy of BLACK COMIX for his son. When you buy a copy of BLACK COMIX from the GhettoManga store, I draw a sketch of any black comic book character you want on the title page, so he asked for Blade. I drew this with sharpies and I gotta say I REALLY like this drawing. If there are any Marvel decision makers reading this (THERE COULD BE!) I would LOVE to draw a Blade comic, or some covers or cards or whatever. Get at me!
For the rest of you, click here to order a copy of BLACK COMIX (while supplies last) and get your free drawing.
Have a great day!

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