"Oh, Jay..." new comic strip by Jay Kelley (aka @Doctor_Hue) and @SamaxAmen! Sorta...

I've been working with Houston-based comedian and indie comics writer Jay Kelley (aka @Doctor_Hue on the Twitter machine) for a while, and I think his Facebook updates are freaking hilarious. I decided a while back that I wanted to make a book of comic strips out of his status updates (Which will be titled Oh, Jay...), but I never got around to starting. Today I decided I am going to draw at least one a week for the rest of 2014. So I replaced my 30 minute sketch habit today with a 30 minute comic instead and got this.
This was TOO MUCH fun! Hope you enjoy it (especially you, Jay)! I think I will pick people out of my fan club and my repeat customers at random and draw status comics (or whatever I eventually call it) as well. Maybe 30 minute comics will be my new habit! We'll see...

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