#FreelancingFAIL Number Five: The Quitter


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Welcome to FREELANCER LIFE!  This episode is called #FreelancingFAIL Number Five: The Quitter. 
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"One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by a temporary defeat."

Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich)

This episode of FREELANCER LIFE is sponsored by The No Pants Project.  The strip, and a blog post I wrote to help freelancers like you see why and how to avoid quitting, went live on their website last week.

The No Pants Project is a comprehensive coaching program that teaches freelancers how to get lots and lots of clients, but is grounded in the concept that working with less clients who pay you better and more often is the secret to a secure, balanced, and prosperous lifestyle.
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Anyways, this is the last episode of FREELANCER LIFE  I'll post on this site for a while.

Since this comic strip is specifically for freelancers, I don't wanna bore all you regular folks with it. 

I just finished a new episode sponsored by The No Pants Project that will go up on their site soon.

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-Samax ("seh MAX")

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