Live Art- "Spider-Man and His Amazing Foes" by Samax Amen

I was there to get tacos, but I was invited to jump up on stage and draw something cool, so I did!
This weekend, I unexpectedly found myself at a live art event in downtown Dallas thrown by Richard Neal of Zeus Comics and Collectibles Inc that was raising money to help a friend get a much-needed medical procedure. 

Richard asked me to get up on stage and draw something to auction off, and I happily did. 
It helped that my friends Michael Lagocki and Jedigoddess from ArtLoveMagic were in the house. So under the influence of some nice party music, I was able to get into a drawing groove...
Here's the final piece. I drew Spider-Man and His Amazing Foes with sharpies on a piece of illustration board they provided. It's about 36 x 24 inches. It was sold in the silent auction for $150.

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So that's all for now, fam.   Thanks again for reading! 
  -Samax ("some AX")

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