Character Art- STARDUST

Hey fam,

Yesterday I knocked out a Character Art Drawing from my frequent client and collaborator J.R. LeMar (that's "Jay Arr" not "Junior").

One of J.R.'s favorite things to do is revamp golden age characters that have fallen into the public domain.
In other words, characters whose trademarks and other intellectual property ownership have expired, making them fair game for anyone who wants to fiddle with them.

Here's a look at a page from an old comic featuring Stardust the Super Wizard, by Fletcher Hanks.
This comic is weird, and doesn't get less weird by reading the pages in context, but here's a link if you wanna read the rest.

So J.R. wanted a revamp of Stardust the Super Wizard, but this time he wanted me to stay close to how the character looks, but he wanted an Asian take on the character

I'm not sure if J.R. plans to emulate the bonkers golden age tone of the original Stardust comics, but I hope so.  The character comes off as a cross between Shazam/Captain Marvel and Doctor Manhattan.

So you could literally not think of a story too out there.  Hope to see him do more with this concept!

Anyways, that's all I have for you today, fam.

You can check out J.R.'s original characters and revamps at, or check out more of my collaborations with J.R. on my blog GhettoManga.

Well, I gotta get back to work.

This week I am working hard on a four pager with a client that I'm excited to share with you in a future email!

Then, I also need to work on some comic strip scripts for another client.

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So that's all for now, fam.

Thanks again for reading! 

-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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