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In case you didn't know, today (September 21st) is BATMAN DAY, and 2019 marks Batman's 80th Birthday!  Can you believe it? EIGHTY YEARS of the Dark Knight Detective!

To celebrate, here is a gallery of Batman art I have made over the years!

Batman (I'm RICH...) by Samax Amen
11x14 Print

I created this piece a few years ago, after Batman's 75th birthday. Some of y'all will recognize that the piece is referencing the sign off of Dave Chappelle's old sketch comedy show.

People made a big show of asking me to print this, but I have yet to sell one.  I love it anyways.
Buy "I'M RICH!" $40

Batman (I'm RICH...) Original Sketch by Samax Amen
8.5x11 Ballpoint Pen on Copy Paper.

Here's the original drawing.  I drew this sitting in my car on my lunch break.  I was a courier at the time, so my car was the office.  Everyone was posting awesome drawings of Batman because it was the 75th Anniversary of the character's creation.

It's just a ballpoint pen doodle on a sheet of copy paper.  If you buy it, I'll mount it on card stock for you .
Buy The Original Sketch!
I AM THE NIGHT by Samax Amen

I Am the Night by Samax Amen
11x14 print.

This was a commission piece I drew in 2009.  This is from my days of trying to get work by being cheaper than my peers.

I don't recommend it.

I've sold a lot of prints of this one.  It's the Batman print I've sold the most of.
Buy "I Am the Night"

I Am the Night by Samax Amen
11x14 print

I love this drawing.  I did this for Daily Challenge, an online sketch challenge that required everyone to draw the same character for a set amount of time (usually 30 minutes).  Since this one has two characters it was probably a weekend challenge, so it could be 60 minutes.

Anyways, I have never sold prints of this one before.
Buy "I Am Vengeance"

JJ Loves Batman by Samax Amen
11x17 Print

Here's another commission from my super-cheap days. It's portrait, but the likeness is not good at all.  I still love the drawing though.

I sold a few copies of this drawing at shows, but once it sold out I never went back to press on it.

Easterbats: Year One by Samax Amen
8.5x11 Crayola Markers on Copy Paper. 

I'm not selling a print of this, but if you want to dive into the Shocking True Story of EasterBats, be my guest.

Man-Bat by Samax Amen
11x14 print

Like many of  Batman's best villain, Kirk Langstrom is the amplification and/or opposite of Batman's attributes. Batman takes on the image of a bat to strike terror into criminals, the better to protect the innocent and seek justice.

Conversely, the scientist Langstrom creates a serum intended to bestow a bat's sonar capabilities on humans, but accidentally transforms himself into the monstrous Manbat, striking terror into the innocent and guilty alike.

Batman is the pinnacle of human strength, intelligence, and self-control. 

Man-Bat is feral, unfettered brutality.

Clayface by Samax Amen
11x14 print

Clayface is a great example of how characters change and evolve alongside the larger pop culture.  Clayface started out as a dude whose face was pliable, so he could mold it with his hands to match anyone else's face, making him a master  of disguise.

Again, this was largely a mirror of Batman's legendary detective skills. No ordinary disguise could fool Batman for long, but Clayface was next level.

But what started as another Dick Tracy villain knock-off evolved into one of Batman's most dangerous and unpredictable foes.
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When the much-celebrated Batman The Animated Series re-imagined Clayface in the two part story Feat of Clay, he became a hulking shape-shifter whose body was completely made of sentient mud.  Clayface could now take the form of any man, woman or object at will.

He could seduce his prey as a femme fatale, or pummel them with a sandstorm of hardened clay hammers.

Batman Beyond by Samax Amen
11x14 print

Batman Beyond is the imaginative story of Terry McGinnis, a teenage boy who encounters an elderly Bruce Wayne and uses his high-tech super suit to become the next Batman.

Daydreamer by Samax Amen
11x17 print

I included Daydreamer here because of the not so subtle shout out to Batman embedded in the artwork.

In the late nineties when this piece was originally conceived, the familiar yellow and black emblem was synonymous with the growing mainstream appeal of superheroes in American popular culture.

Daydreamer is still one of the most popular pieces of art I have ever produced.

I'll Draw Batman for YOU

In honor of Batman Day 2019, I'll draw a picture for you and mail it to you!  Pretty simple, but you should hit me on messenger if you have questions.  I'm limiting this to five drawings, so get in where you fit in!
8.5x11 Sketch $100
11x14 Sketch $150

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Whether it's a comedian who wants to make people laugh on social media, or a small business that is making ads to get more customers, or a mental health professional who helps battered women work through trauma, I love helping people meet their goals with comic strips.

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You WILL write your first (or next) comic strip within 15 minutes, or your money back!

I'm kidding.  It's free.

But it is super easy!

Aaaand on that note, I gotta get back to work, fam.
Thanks again for reading! 

Have a great day,
-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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