I AM THE SOURCE!!!! (HINT: So are you, fam).

I am the Source (cropped)

Hey fam,

I ALMOST forgot to drop a #ThrowbackThursday joint.  But it's technically still Thursday on the west coast (reportedly the best coast), so this one still counts!

"Be the Change you're looking for" is one of Ghandi's most popular quotes right now.  

Change, like anything else in your life starts with you....

I often tell people "I believe in God by believing in myself". I don't believe I'm God, but I believe I am created in his image, and after his likeness. I believe God gave me access to creative power that it is my birthright to use. Not only do i have the right to use it, but I have a responsibility to use it. 
I am the Source (cropped)

We look at ourselves so much that we're not impressed with ourselves anymore. We believe the lies people have taught us. That we are limited, and oppressed. That we need permission to be great. That we need someone to bless or empower us.


All you need is within you. You are the Source you're looking for. 


I didn't draw this in my big book, obviously.  This is a page from my journal... which is probably why it's so "motivational" or whatever...

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the drawing, fam!  Feel free to CLICK HERE with any comments, questions, concerns, or if you just need encouragement

Have a GREAT day!

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