Start the day off RIGHT w/ Big Daddy Kane

Hey fam,

So I posted the Czarface video for Throw Bombs on the GhettoManga Facebook page last week. One of the readers responded to Deck's opening line "I warm it up like Kane in his prime" with a gif of the wrestler Kane.

I almost lost it.

I mean, it's a simple mistake, but the fact that anyone is reading GhettoManga who might not recognize the reference to the Big Daddy Kane single Warm It Up, Kane exposes a serious dereliction of duty on my part.

So in the spirit of taking responsibility that I'm on lately...
Warm It Up, Kane by Big Daddy Kane

I was 16 years old when Big Daddy Kane's single Warm It Up, Kane hit the airwaves.  Which is to say in '89, when I popped the album It's a Big Daddy Thing into my tape deck.

I'm not sure if Warm It Up, Kane was playing on the radio anywhere, but it certainly wasn't playing on any radio station I could tune into in my hometown of Killeen, TX.

Big Daddy Kane is among the most talented entertainers hip hop has ever produced, but the culture (while not unknown) had not become fully mainstream yet.

Kane did not capture mainstream attention the way LL Cool J and Run DMC did, but hip hoppers knew that the question "Whose flattop rules in '89" was rhetorical.

Anyways, you can follow Kane on Facebook.
"Whose Flattop Rules in '89?" by Samax Amen

Whose Flattop Rules in '89? by Samax Amen
Crayola Markers on 110 lb paper

I drew this caricature of Big Daddy Kane on the last page of the hardcover spiral-bound sketchbook I've been working in lately.

I bought this sketchbook in Justin, TX on August 8, 2018.  I can't usually say anything I do with that kind of accuracy, but in this case I remember buying it while I was waiting for my friend Alan at Barnes & Noble.

I think he and his wife went to the gym, so I bought a sketchbook and sat down in the coffee shop drawing caricatures to pass the time.

Anyways, this sketchbook is almost done.  there are a few pages that I skipped or that just have minor scribbles on them.  I will draw on those pages or fill them with sketch notes before I call this book officially done.

I'll probably draw on the covers too.  We'll see.

It's 8.5 x 11, with probably about 100 pages in it.  Maybe less.  It's hardcover, so it's durable.  Combined with the size and other features, this made durability, and easy to tear out pages made it a perfect pack-around sketchbook.

I might hafta go back to B&N to get another one.

I like to take a book like this to coffee shops and libraries and draw people.  Often I'll wind up selling caricatures to nosy passers by.  It's a good way to pay for my Starbucks habit.
Order Your Zombie Portrait

On that note, I gotta get to work, fam.
Thanks again for reading, and have a great day! 

-Samax ("some AX") Amen
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