MXGA: Make the X-Men Great Again πŸ˜‚

This old fan letter from the Claremont and Cockrum days of the Uncanny X-Men feels right at home in 2019, don't it?

I went into my Facebook Memories this morning and came across this post of an old letter to Marvel complaining about the All New X-men, and the terrible creative they had in place:

Thankfully, Stan didn't do anything about it, because this team continued to make its mark on comics, and the international formula of the Uncanny X-Men (established by artist Dave Cockrum and previous scribe Len Wein, who hand-picked Claremont to replace him) influenced a generation of comicbook creators (including me).
RIP Len Wein (1948-2017)
RIP Len Wein by Samax Amen
This image features Nightcrawler (whom this guy would kill) Storm, Colossus (married and sent back to Africa), and Wolverine. 11x17 print (signed) $40
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Chris Claremont went on to write Uncanny X-men for 16 years, creating many more characters that I'm sure this dude would hate.

Comicbook fans are often offended by change and new ideas, even though they were initially attracted to comics by new and different ideas.

Make Xavier's Great Again by Samax Amen
Pitt pen + Crayola Markers in my Big Black Sketchbook + a little Photoshop

I might revisit this character in a comic strip later.
I don't know what his name should be.

Any suggestions?


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