I don't think I have a lot to say today.  But we'll see.

So since I am firmly rooted into the habit of drawing everyday, I figured I would share in the annual Inktober movement, in which people do an ink drawing every day.

I decided to do a variant that allows any medium, so long as I draw every day.  I intend to follow the "official Inktober" prompts for each day (seen below).

Having said all that, I somehow managed to start out a day behind, I just finished Day 2.  The theme was mindless, which pulled up images of monsters like the Hulk or a raging werewolf (I have a thing for werewolves, I think), but that seemed uninteresting to me as far as something to draw today.

Mindless by Samax Amen
Crayola markers in my Big Black Sketchbook.

I feel like most of the anger, entitled ideas, political arguments, and outrage I run into everyday (even when I agree with it) is being spouted mindlessly.  Like the person in this drawing, we are just spilling what is being poured into us.

We can do better.

Anyways, not the greatest drawing ever, or the most inspirational message you will get today.

You should go back and look at the piece and email I shared yesterday.
Inktober Day 1- RING

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Or not.  It's hard.

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I guess that wasn't THAT short, huh fam?
Thanks again for reading! 

Have a great day,
-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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