The latest issue of SUNDAY⭐COMICS with Samax Amen, for those who missed it

Sunday*Comics #16 ©2019 Samax Amen

It's been a while since I put out an issue of Sunday Comics, so let's make it a good one, shall we? 

Life is Happening NOW by Samax Amen
11x14 Pitt Art Pen + Adobe Photoshop
Font by 
Kimberly Geswein.
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I did this drawing last Sunday and dropped it on my art blog for some Monday motivation.
CLICK HERE for a dose of rah-rah to start your week early!

There wasn't a FREELANCER LIFE strip this week, fam, but since I didn't send a Sunday Comics last week, you may have missed these.

I am excited to be offering 4 panel strips now!  Let me know how you like the new format.

Got a funny story about freelancing you'd like to see in FREELANCER LIFE?  CLICK HERE to submit  your story via Facebook Messenger,

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September 24th we celebrated Homeboy Sandman's birthday by sharing some of his best rhymes (and this old Cartoon Portrait I drew of him).
Join the celebration on GhettoManga

Here's a ridiculous sketch I drew after reading an old bigoted fan letter written by an anonymous fan of the X-men who didn't like the new direction that introduced diversity to the book.  It reminded me of some of the howling fan fragility I see online all the time these days.
Peep the letter here.

I am planning on doing some quick comic strips with this character.  His name is Dusty (thanks, Krista!).

Stay tuned...
When it comes to being an artist, what is your #1 biggest challenge?

Thursday morning I posted a question on the Starving Artists Anonymous Facebook page.

I then spent the next several hours interacting with the steady stream of artists who showed up to speak about the difficulties they were having.

I also drew Challenge Accepted (see below).  I am often told that my work inspires people, but I am really blessed to have so many people in my life who inspire me!
So some knowledge one of my teachers dropped on me this week (followed by the new drawing)

"Stop believing it's gonna be perfect the first time you try.
That belief holds you back. It's a roadblock of the worst kind.
The real work begins AFTER you put it out there.  After you get the feedback.
Doesn't matter if it's a funnel or fiction or client work or whatever.
Getting something out the door and into the market, reaching out to potential clients... that's just step 1. It's not the end, it's the beginning.
The sooner you get comfortable with that idea and embrace the joy of creating something that people want, the sooner you'll be able to:
A. Move much more quickly towards your goals
B. Reduce a major amount of stress and frustration
The longer you hold on to the idea that a perfect launch exists, the longer you'll stay stuck."
-Mike Shreeve

Challenge Accepted by Samax Amen
.03 Black Pitt Art Pen in my Big Black Sketchbook + Adobe Photoshop + Cintiq
Fonts by Blambot + Kimberly Geswein.

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As far as client work goes, the main event of the fall is finishing up BiGS, the comic I'm working on for Upchuck Comics.

So here's pages 11 and 12 from BiGS #4.

BiGs takes place in the near future, where environmental change has caused a mutation in a segment of the population who grow to 2 or 3 times the size of regular humans.  It's a roller coaster ride that manages to address the ways that climate change, the petroleum industrial complex, and the nightmare that is American healthcare and big pharma disproportionately effect marginalized populations.

You know, when the marginalized populace averages ten to twelve feet in height

The first two issues of BiGS have art by my good friend (and one fifth of the mighty GhostWerks crew) Khalid "Steelo" Robertson.  I did artwork on issue three, and we split the art chores on the fourth issue, which I'm working on now.

Click here to order print or digital copies from the publisher.

Or if you'd like a signed copy of all three issues PLUS an original 8x11 ink drawing of one the characters (by me) mailed to your crib, click the button below to order The BiGShot Bundle for just $50 (includes domestic shipping)!
BiGShot Bundle! $50

THIS WEEK'S COVER FEATURE is What Chance Do You Have, a commissioned illustration that I just finished on Saturday, featuring characters from Jay Kelley's superhero comic The Brother.

The Brother stars an African time-traveler and his protege Imani Anderson, whom he is grooming to take his place as the protector of the African diaspora.

Jay asked for me to do a piece pitting the scrappy teenager Imani against The Brother's arch-foe Ishu. I initially considered doing a piece that portrayed Imani as a victim of the powerful villain, implying that The Brother would swoop in at any moment to save her. 

In an earlier drawing of Imani I did for Jay years ago (I think I was the first artist to draw the character, but I'm not sure), she is more docile, clinging to the Brother for protection.

I did everything I could to make it feel like a fun comicbook cover, so when I was choosing the cover for Sunday Comics, it was a no-brainer.

The Brother and Imani sketch c. 2011

Since then, Jay has established Imani as a warrior in her own right.  In her first comic appearance, Imani shakes her fist at God.  So we know she isn't scared to challenge ANYBODY.

So as I was sitting down to draw this, I wanted to turn the tables and have Imani take the role of having to save The Brother instead of the other way around.

I did everything I could to make it feel like a fun comicbook cover, so when I was choosing the cover for Sunday Comics, it was a no-brainer.

I'm on the YouTubes!
This morning I fell outta bed to do my buddy Marshall Lee's show again. 
Today I'm talking with Samax Amen about How To Make Money As A Freelance Artist. Also we are discussing the things that are holding you back from finding freelance clients and building a successful career as a freelance artist.
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God Bless,
- Marshall Lee

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So that's all for now, fam.   Thanks again for reading Sunday Comics

-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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