Debbie Downer by Samax Amen
I'm usually not into Black Friday sales pitchery, but Student Loan's due tomorrow, so how's this for crazy:

New Art... 'cause nerds need love too!

Nerds Need Love Too by Samax Amen

5 things this Creative Director did to make it EASY to do a GREAT Job (YOU should copy them)

A very good friend of mine was in talks with an advertising and branding agency called Wishart to do a poster for Canadian sexual assault and rape crisis center Hope 24/7, but had a family issue that took him away from his work, so he recommended me to fill in for him. 

John VanDuzer, President and Creative Director at Wishart, loved my stuff and engaged me to do this poster, which measures 17" x 22". It was a really good experience. Here are some steps John took (and YOU should copy!) to make it easy to give him and his client what they wanted.

2-for-1 Cartoon Portraits! THIS WEEK ONLY!!!

My car AND my wife's car need repairs at the same time, so you know what that means:

You should totally hire @SamaxAmen to draw your comic strip!

They say "do what you love and you'll never work a day of your life!"
So I would LOVE to draw your comic strip!

In honor of #WorldBreastfeedingWeek 2015, get your signed "Warrior Queen Mother" print!

Warrior Queen Mother (blank version)
When I learned that August 1-7 was World Breastfeeding Week via my friend Hallie's Facebook update, I immediately thought I should roll Warrior Queen Mother back out to honor all the moms around the world getting it done for their children.Then it occurred to me that some people might want signed prints...


I guess OnPoint InkPhotography​ thought it was okay to steal my drawing of Cupid from Love's Gonna Getcha and use it in a promo for a rapper named Lindo Yes (maybe it's the same person? I don't know).  I submitted a copyright infringement report on Soundcloud, where Lindo was using my drawing as artwork for a song called "Love is a Battlefield."

"Who is Lord Zero?" by @SamaxAmen

Kurt Christenson of Kings County Comics commissioned a drawing of masked arch villain Lord Zero to go with the drawing of his character Thrust that I drew last month.

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