Get some inspiration from "Punches of Pink"

Dallas area artist, photographer, and entrepreneur Jen Shu of Pink Light Images contracted me to create this artwork to be the banner for her inspirational video testimonial series Punches of Pink, and I am happy to unveil it for you now!

My Cartoon Portraits make great birthday gifts, apparently...

 Like the poster I made for Ari that I posted last week, both of these latest Cartoon Portraits were purchased as birthday gifts, of course we will leave the names out in case anyone googles themselves before the birthday reveal...

Check out this new Cartoon Portrait, and tell me which version you like best.

 A long-time client got at me to do a Cartoon Portrait of his daughter Ari as a super hero for her birthday, and I jumped at it...

For everyone asking about that STORM fan art

The homie Camisha (a serious Storm appreciator) shared my STORM fanart print on Instagram, so people are asking about it.

Just some doodles...

I got into the bad habit of posting my doodles on social media and not dropping them over here first (or at all), and I am correcting that. I am working to diminish my social media presence as I increase my email list subscribers, and focus my efforts more and more on my blogs and my email newsletter.  Anyways, here's a dump of sweet sweet sketches for those who missed 'em...

"The Dragon Queen" by Samax Amen

If you've been a fan of my art for very long, you're probably already familiar with Seattle-based jewelry designer Camisha Jackson, a frequent subject of my portraits and sketches.  The first drawing I did of her was as a character called the Dragon Lady (Camisha hearts dragons), back in the Myspace Era.  Since then, the Dragon Lady has ascended to the throne of whatever afrofuturistic fantasy realm she inhabits, as evidenced by the title of this piece...

Kid Carvers commission drawing

So I needed some money one day, so instead of asking for money, I offered a one day sale where customers who bought an issue of Kid Carvers & The Backyard Bike Bandits from the GM store got a free sketch of the Carver twins.  The offer got lots of likes, shares and a few comments, but only one customer.  So here's what I drew for him...

5 Items I am grateful to own

Today's Daily Health Challenge: "Walk around your home and notice 5 useful items that you feel grateful to own".  I strongly believe in the cultivation of gratitude, so I did a quick list, and encourage you to do it too!

"ONE LOVE" a live art piece by Samax Amen

ONE LOVE by Samax Amen
Sharpies on polished wood 16"x20"

"Millie is With Me" by Samax Amen

"Millie is With Me" by Samax Amen
Sharpies on polished wood 16"x20"

I want to make 2017 a BREAKTHROUGH year!

I was born on March 22nd, 1973 which means this year I turned 44 years old.  This past year was filled with plenty of ups and downs, and I want to thank God, as well as my friends, fans, and family who helped me get through all of it.  So far in 2017, I have been living strictly from money made from art.  It has been VERY rough, but this year with your help, I want to use my birthday week to launch into the most successful year I've ever had as an artist!

My UNCHAINED Tees were a big hit! Get yours while supplies last!

Me and marketing expert Cathy Hutchison (rocking her UNCHAINED tee)

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