Vector warm-up: Saint Diablo

After a couple years without access to it, my dude Jason helped me install Illustrator on my computer last month. I used to use it so much, that it's a breath of fresh air to have it back. I finally got a chance to mess with it, and decided to do a drawing of my original character Saint Diablo.

I wrote a fair amount of stories with this character back in the day, and have the overall story (beginning to end) worked out. Maybe we will see some pages from the Legend of Saint Diablo soon...


Nathanael Lark said...

Man, a day without Illustrator would feel like a day without oxygen to me. Well done on this! It's loose yet completely solid and powerful.

Samax said...

exactly! Before my old computer crashed, I used Illustrator more than photoshop! I'm so glad to have it back!

corance said...

Nice!!! Congratulations, homie!

Samax said...


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