SUNDAY COMICS- Easter Bats & Robbit PLUS New Comics, Strips and Character Art


Hey fam,

There's a lot to cover this week and not a lot of time, so let's dive in.

After a week in Seattle with my girlfriend, which was a lot of fun, I am back in Dallas for a week.

It's Easter, so I couldn't resist doing a new Easterbats drawing for today's Daily Sketch.  If you aren't familiar with him, you can CLICK HERE for the SHOCKING TRUE STORY of EASTERBATS.

Anyways, onto the comics news.

My FREELANCER LIFE comic strip series is chugging along, thanks to our sponsors at the No Pants Project blog.  A new one dropped at the beginning of April before a minor health issue and my Seattle trip slowed down my productivity.

You can check out the latest strip below.  If you want to be the first to see the new FREELANCER LIFE episodes as I finish them, CLICK HERE to subscribe to those updates.

I'm really excited about FREELANCER LIFE, because I get to help other creative freelancers learn how to command better prices by doing a better job for their clients.  It's a win-win!

So I also finished a character art piece this week for my frequent client and collaborator J.R. LeMar.  The character is called Malcolm Extraordinary.
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Meanwhile, I'm also working with the fine folks at Ra-Seth Enterprises on the creative team for a comic called Born Again Thugs that will be rolling out soon.

I started lettering and coloring page two this morning.  Here's the black and white art:
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For this week's FanArtFriday piece, I drew Godspeed, in honor of his appearance on The Flash.

I made some 11x11 inch posters out of them.  Since you're one of the cool kids who reads Sunday Comics, you can buy one for $17 (includes domestic shipping) instead of the normal $25.

Just click the blue button below to order.
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Yeah, so I have an awesome Daverse Lounge show coming up on Friday, so if you're gonna be in Dallas on Friday, April 26th, you should plan to make it down to Life in Deep Ellum to watch me do some Live Drawing and experience the night of raw creativity that is Daverse Lounge!

It's fun for the whole family!

Here's the piece I drew at the March show.  The theme of the show was Power.
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After a few months on the back burner, I'm getting back to BiGS, the speculative fiction comic I drew last year  for Upchuck Comics.

BiGS is about climate change, corrupt pharma/medical industrial practices, and a world where giants are the new second class citizens.

After doing fill-in art for the entirety of issue 3, I am doing twelve pages from issue #4, so check out my first page below, and the cover to issue 3.  
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Finally, here's my character design for Laura Paine, a character from a science fiction comic I am working on with a client called OPENSOURCE.  It's got action, romance, and alternate dimensions.  Still in the early stages, but I wanted to show this to you.

As you can see, I'm full up on comic book artwork clients for now, but I would love to take on more clients for my comic strip service.

Also, if you need help with editing, social or email marketing, web copy, Facebook ads, or you just want guidance on next steps for your comic or strip
, just CLICK HERE to email me, or click here to hit me on messenger.

You can even schedule a free (no pressure) phone or video call here to talk about your project.

So that's all for now, fam.   Thanks again for reading! 

-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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