DaVerse 04-26-2019 (ALEXANDER HAMILTON) by Samax Amen

Friday April 26 was the last Daverse Lounge of the 2018-19 school year, so I made it to Dallas to close out the year with some live art.
In case you've neve been to one of their events before, Daverse Lounge is an evening of creative expression featuring spoken word poetry, art workshop stations, and social experience for kids and teens, hosted several times a year by Life in Deep Ellum.  Daverse Lounge is the spiritual offspring of Will Richey and Alejandro Perez.

I have had the privilege of creating live at all the Daverse shows this year.  

The theme of the last show of the school year was My Shot, a riff on a line from the insanely popular HAMILTON, the hip hop inspired play about that dude on the ten dollar bill.  

So  while the poets and musicians did their thing on stage, I did mine at the foot of the stage.
DaVerse 04-26-2019 (ALEXANDER HAMILTON) by Samax Amen

After a few minutes wasted trying to clean this up in Photoshop, I gave that up, and decided to give it to ya raw.  I drew this with Crayola markers and a couple Sharpies on foam board.

One of the attendees who is a history teacher went home with the drawing, which will live in his classroom. So I will share pictures when he sends them to me.

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So that's all for now, fam.   Thanks again for reading! 
  -Samax ("some AX")

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