Great Power. No Responsibility?

We're all exhausted with politics, the coronavirus, and President Trump.

So of course, I pulled out my cintiq, fired up adobe photoshop, and made a new comic strip that included all three.  

Hopefully it'll inject a little levity into your day...

No Power, No Responsibility by Samax Amen
Cintiq + Adobe Photoshop

If you know me very well, you know how I love Spider-Man.  For this strip, I imagined that Peter Parker grew up to become a reporter for the Daily Bugle, so he could ask his fellow native New Yorker about responsibility.

As we're continuing to adjust to fight the COVID19 pandemic, we are demanding that everyone take responsibility for their part of getting us through this.

I'm continuing my efforts to raise money for the Innocence Project, a nonprofit that uses DNA evidence to free wrongly convicted folks from prison.

I want to thank everyone that has contributed to my Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook.  I will leave it open until the end of the month, for those who may still want to help us.

If we can help get some innocent people out of prison, that will be one less thing for them and their families to worry about at this trying time.

I also decided to donate to Direct Relief, a nonprofit that helps provide Personal Protective Equipment to health workers responding to Caronavirus. In the U.S., Direct Relief is delivering protective masks – along with exam gloves and isolation gowns – to health care organizations in areas with confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Batman: Rise to the Occasion by Samax Amen

So for every one of these 3 x 4 inch Batman: Rise to the Occasion Vinyl Stickers I sell, I will donate $1 to Direct Relief.  That's 20% of the $5 purchase price (which includes domestic shipping).  Place your order by this weekend, and I will give you 2 Stickers for the Price of One.
Buy A Sticker!

What about you, fam?

What's one way that you have worked to help others during this outbreak?

Reply to this message with your answer, or reply to this picture on social media.

*P.S. - If you own a business or have some kind of side hustle or whatever, you may be tempted to pull back, but this is actually a great time to expand your online marketing efforts.

If you need help with content marketing, feel free to ask me questions.

be safe out there . . .

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