Sheriffs Be Like...

Direct quotes from Last Week Tonight w/John Oliver...

Hey fam,

John Oliver's show Last Week Tonight dropped a new episode on YouTube on Sunday.

The episode was all about the power of sheriffs, so while I was watching it, I opened my Big Black Sketchbook and started drawing this caricature of Todd Entrekin, the Sheriff of Etowah County, Alabama.

Starting at about the 8 minute mark, John talks about how Sheriff Entrekin bought a $740,000 beach house with taxpayer money set aside for county jail inmates' meals.

Unfortunately, this was technically legal.
With over a thousand sheriffs up for election this year, John Oliver discusses how much power – and how little accountability – they have.

After a few hours of client work, I came back and inked the drawing in Photoshop.

Then, my OCSD (obsessive comic strip disorder) kicked in, and I couldn't sleep without drawing this:

Sheriffs Be Like... by Samax Amen

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I started offering paid memberships to give fans a way to support my art practice, to allow me to make more decisions based on my artist's instincts rather than on my cold reptilian business brain.

(like *ahem* spending hours drawing a comic strip based on a YouTube video)

My AMENsiders VIP Fan Club members get exclusive behind-the-scenes previews of stuff I'm working on, discounts on custom art, and more.

Everyone who joins at the $25/month level or higher will receive a package of artsy goodness every month, like prints, comics, stickers, etc.
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Every purchase helps fight injustice!

This year, I am donating 10% of my revenue each month to the Innocence Project*, a nonprofit that works to exonerate innocent people through DNA testing and reform the criminal justice system to prevent injustice.

My goal for March is to raise at least $500 for the Innocence Project before my birthday, March 22nd!

I know it might sound corny, but my hope is that together, we can help give wrongly-convicted people their lives back.

As always, fam, I wanna thank you again for reading! 

Have a great weekend!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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