It Was A Good Day

I Rocked a table at the Dallas Webcomics Convention yesterday with the mighty GhostWerks crew at 4\5ths strength (more than a small convention can really handle) all day yesterday. It was a decent showing of artists for the fans that did make it, which were not many. But the attendees were treated to many panels on how to make webcomics. I only did one commission drawing (of Ice Cube and Ice T, if you can believe that) for a dude wearing a teeshirt of Soundwave as a deejay scratching, so I guess it was a quality over quantity day. Also, it looks like I will be doing a Champion of Children webcomic in 2010, so let's all keep our fingers crossed for that.

After the show, we all rolled over to the ArtLoveMagic HQ for a surprise birthday party for David Rodriguez (one of the dopest artists you never heard of, and an all-around classy guy), and to my delight, we were ACTUALLY able to surprise him. after that, me and the GhostWerks guys (all 5 this time) sat around in a cipher with Playdough (one of my favorite emcees, and David's too), giving him topics (mostly about comics, cuz we are nerds) to freestyle about. we talked about many important topics, like healthcare reform, marketing strategies, and wack emcees. when i got home, i discovered a few more people had hit me up for custom art. plus, I didn't even have to use my AK. I'd hafta say it was a good day...


Corance said...

Yeah, that was a good day for me too. Mostly because I DID have to use my A-K.

That's gangsta!!!

Samax said...

DFW respects your gunkata!

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