I'm Now Taking Requests!

[sorry! This promotion is over... you missed it!]
Hey Party People!
The project i was counting on to pay my mortgage for December got pushed back to 2010 (and is possibly being canceled altogether), so I need to generate money the old-fashioned way. No, i'm not talking about prostitution, I'm taking commissions on the super-cheap. i'll take payments via paypal up front. (see price list below)

$10 will cover a one color sketch (i.e. b+w or another color instead of black), delivered by email. you can also choose to get the original drawing on bristol (or in full color, or a digital print) for a little more.
i can do a simple portrait, a cool drawing of your favorite character, or design your original character for the listed prices. adding extra characters, backgrounds, and just generally being real picky will cost you extra (LOL!) also, if you want any lettering on your piece, i suggest a digital delivery or digital print. no one is beating down my door to be a letterer...

one color, digital delivery -----> $10
full color, digital delivery -----> $20
digital print one color --------> $20 (includes shipping)
digital print full color ---------> $25 (includes shipping)
original one color on bristol ---> $25 (includes shipping)
original full color on bristol ----> $35 (includes shipping)

[sorry! This promotion is over... you missed it!]

[sorry! This promotion is over... you missed it!]
if you have questions, let me know!

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