Mood: NINJA!

I've been feeling pretty Ninja lately... I lobbied president Obama pretty hard to get Wednesday changed to Ninjasday to work with my (hopefully) weekly gag strip "Ninja Solutions" over on ghettoManga. Maybe J.R. LeMar had picked up on the vibe when he asked me to do a drawing of his character, the awesomely-titled Ninjihad. anyways, i drew this with Photoshop while watching the cowboys/skins game.
I certainly hope real-life terrorists (whether Islamic or otherwise) don't think to employ ninjas. can you say 'game over'?


J.R. LeMar said...

Do not worry. He is on our side. He is a Muslim American Soldier, raised in Japan (where he learned ninjitsu), and has been recruited by The Department of Homeland Secruity, as a covert assassin to fight Muslim terrorists here and abroad.

Sort of like how the X-Men are good mutants that fight bad mutants, he is a good Muslim who fights bad Muslims.

samax said...

word. glad he's out there choke-slamming the wicked!

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