He Read My Mind

when my man David Hopkins wrote this one page story for me to draw for his new book One Night Stand, i think he was trying to guess what I wanted to draw... and he was right! even though i procrastinated until after the last minute (i finished this monday night), i still think it turned out really well! in this book, David has written a series of one page stories, each drawn by a different artist, about sex, love, and in some cases both. long-time readers may remember that i participated in similar book Mine All Mine , also written by David. it was so much fun, that i was happy to try it again! anyways, One Night Stand will be in stores December 30th, and i may be able to wrangle some copies for purchase here as well.
let me know what you think!


Unknown said...

This really looks like it would be an interesting read for me. A combination of sex/love stories and illustrations will always be a plus!

Samax said...

i've seen some of the other artists' pages, and it looks really cool!
stay tuned. i'll post details on how you can get a copy.

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