Thankful for my Family

hope everyone's having a good time with their family (whatever form that takes), and enjoying the holla day weekend. I took my wife and daughter to visit my extended family at my Grandma's house in Waco.
for many of the relatives, it was their first chance to see my daughter Marley, who turned 1 year old in September. it was a fun trip because I got to visit with some relatives I had not seen for 15 years. It really underscored how little my family gets together, since so many people found it hard to believe that I was married and had a child . I'm still the 'baby' in a lot of people's eyes, even though i'm in my thirties... but i think they're getting used to the idea.
I was glad to introduce more of my family members to my wife Charlene. I'm really proud of Charlene and thankful to have her in my life. She is so helpful and encouraging (which really helps an artist on the brink like me), plus everyone was knocked out by her banana pudding!
hopefully, we will have more opportunities to visit with the rest of the family, so we can all get more familiar with each other.
anyways, i know you REALLY just want to see more pictures of Marley, so i appreciate anybody who bothered to read my comments too!! thanks to my sister Jeannie for the pics!
peace, love, etc.

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