Here's that character bio I promised you...

Hey fam,

Okay, so I promised you a Noose bio last week, and it has evolved into a full Marvel Universe style joint.  I think I am gonna make a handbook that summarizes the world and characters in my comics universe.

Stay tuned for more news about that, I guess.

But here's the bio I promised.

When I have some more pictures, I'll share page two with you.

This is purposely vague, but I tried to include details about his powers and stuff.  I want these to include information to make you wanna read comics with the characters, not as a substitute for making comics.

The World-Building Continues

After attending a seminar by my GhostWerks brother Corance on writing comics, I am really fired up about recording some details about the Decapolis world and characters.

All my Daily Sketches peeps should make sure to subscribe to the Making Comics updates too if you wanna stay up on all that stuff.

Welp... I got client stuff to work on, fam...
So I gotta get back to work!

Have a great weekend!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen

Thanks for reading!
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