"Life does not start and stop at your convenience, fam..."

That feeling where you sit down to draw your daily sketch, then decide to offer it as a teeshirt...

I have probably watched The Big Lebowski 5 or 6 times this month.
"Walter Sobchak" by Samax Amen

The Big Lebowski is one of those movies that I watch any time I come across it flipping through the channels.

Starz has it in heavy rotation this month, so I couldn't resist drawing the movie's most iconic and quotable character Walter Sobchak (as brought to life by the mighty John Goodman) in my Big Black Sketchbook today.

Then I took a hi-res photo and colored it in Photoshop.
"Life Does Not Stop and Start at Your Convenience" by Samax Amen

I already decided I'm gonna print some teeshirts with this image on it next month.

All VIP Members of my Fan Club who are at the $25 Level or higher by the end of the month will get a shirt with free shipping in time for Christmas.
Join the Club, Dude!

Welp... I got client stuff to work on, fam...
So I gotta get back to work!

Have a great weekend!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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