[Daily Sketch] Our Pain is Real

Hey, fam!

Everyone knows I love Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

As a way to make my love of watching his show on YouTube useful, I have started drawing sketches when I watch his show.

This episode is about Bias in Medicine.

A Ton of Fear by Samax Amen
digital portrait, Adobe Photoshop
John Oliver discusses the roles that gender and racial bias can play in medical treatment.

This episode is super-relevant to my life.  After a bunch of bad experiences with insensitive doctors, my mom went off her meds for two years.

Last year, we managed to get her back on some of her meds after she almost lost her vision.

My mom is a retired nurse with excellent insurance, and she still needs help fighting against doctors who can't (or won't) see past their own biases.

I am willing to say that I have an emotional fear of the medical system that I wrestle with, fueled by bad experiences like the ones in the video.

I'm working through them, and supporting my mom with her health care struggles.  My sister and I have taken an active role in helping my mom navigate the system.

We found doctors that she likes and who seem to actually care about her and listen to her concerns.

I just wanted to address this, because I know some people hear statistics and activists talking about Gender or Racial Bias and they dismiss it as something women and people of color are just making up.

Please listen the next time someone you know complains of it.  

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