Hey, fam!

Just wanted to share these pages I finished this week for a two page Born Again Thugs story.  The client has already posted them on the Facebook page, so it's okay to share them here.

I did all the visual art for this story, and the script was by my GhostWerks brethren and good friend Corance Davis.

I posted a panel-by-panel commentary on GhettoManga.

Here's the black and white pages, so you can see what they looked like before I colored them.

Just a little treat to show gratitude to my AMENsiders.

Man, I love drawing black and white comics!  I do color, since clients and readers mostly prefer it, but I honestly think in black and white.
Panel-by-Panel Commentary


For the record, fam, I really appreciate you for checking out my (hopefully valuable/entertaining) art and rambling!

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Anyways, I gotta bounce, but if you need me, feel free to reach out!

Thanks again for reading,  fam.

Have a great day!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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