[Throwback Thursday] Spidey vs Mysterio doodle from my Call Center days...

Happy Thursday, fam!

I was looking through my archives and found this old Spidey drawing...

Spidey V. Mysterio by Samax Amen
Ballpoint pen on copy paper (2004) 

I drew Spidey V. Mysterio way back in 2004, when I was working in the Xerox Supplies call center in Lewisville, Texas.

8r2960 was a part number , probably for toner, or some other copy machine consumable.  I drew all over my notes while I took calls for supplies from small businesses, organizations, and individuals with copy machines.

I still love drawing with cheap ballpoint pens, despite the random blobs of ink and inability to hide mistakes. 

Maybe I love them because of those things.

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