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Hey fam,

I wrote this week's episode of FREELANCER LIFE as part of a tool I made to help business owners and other content creators to quickly and easily write comic strips.

The gag was that one character wants to encourage the other, a reluctant writer, to take action on this tool she (and more importantly, the reader) has just downloaded.

Eventually, the freelancer's patience is overwhelmed by his student's persistent indecision.

Fellow freelancers,may recognize the special frustration of having people hire you to help them, only to sabotage your attempts to do so.

Why do they do this?

The short answer more often than not is Fear.

Fear of failure.  Fear of change.  Fear of what people will say.  Fear of making a mistake, etc.

Helping my clients and friends overcome their limiting beliefs is probably the most important thing I do (when I'm not battling my own).

Feel free to respond via email or messenger with a problem you're dealing with.  You can even schedule a phone or video chat.

I'll help you however I can.
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This 3 panel episode of FREELANCER LIFE is brought to you by my Free Checklist 10 Quick Comic Strip Ideas.

I love to help small businesses meet their goals, especially with comic strips! As someone who was reluctant to write myself at first, I'm happy to help others held back by similar reluctance.
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Well, that's this week's episode of FREELANCER LIFE.  How do you like the 3 panel format?  Do you prefer it over the single panel gags?

Let me know your thoughts. 

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Have a great weekend!
-Samax ("seh MAX")

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