#NowPlaying- Protestant X "OUTTA PSYCHLE"

Hey fam,

As I'm typing this sentence, I'm bumping Scrolls, which is track 7 on Outta Psychle, the new album from my dude Protestant X.

And yeah, I did that artwork.  Me and pX (I call him Jason) go way back to a call center we both worked at back in 2001.  A couple christian hip hop dudes with dead end jobs and high hopes for the future.

In case your math is bad, that was almost twenty years ago.  So you can imagine my surprise when Jason rolled up on me via Facebook and asked me to create his album cover art.

He was still working on it, so I didn't get to hear any of the record, but he showed me a lot of samples of stuff he liked.

I ignored most of it.  Just kidding...  Kinda.

I did something different than what he asked for, but in the same spirit.

Luckily he loved it, so it all worked out.

Did I mention he dropped the record on YouTube?
Lead Engineer Stefan Patterson of VLLN Records
Co-Engineer Ritchy Flo of Gitmo Music
Album artwork by Samax Amen
Beats by Father Tyme
1. Intro (0:00) 2. Protestant X (1:58) 3. The Golden Case (4:12) 4. Point Blank ft. Vex da Vortex (7:37) 5. Matter (11:11) 6. The Great Soul Catching Method (16:33) 7. Scrolls (20:43) 8. Annihilator (24:00) 9. Higher (26:46) 10. Together (30:17) 11. No Land Man (34:43) 12. The Gods' Bar (37:12)

Protestant X radiates the dark smokey sound reminiscent of late nineties hip hop acts that you can't quite remember until someone mentions them in passing, leaving you with an earworm your co-workers don't recognize.

I don't quite have a favorite track yet, but fans of golden era underground hip hop will want to peep Point Blank, which features Vex da Vortex of the venerated conscious rap crew Boogiemonsters.  Might as well stick around for Matter, since it comes on next.

Overall, I dig this record.

I'm proud to have my art included on the project.

Here's Zombie Portrait Zero.  I'm offering custom Zombie Portraits for $50 to commemorate the honorable end of The Walking Dead.
Order Your Zombie Portrait

On that note, I gotta get to work, fam.
Thanks again for reading, and have a great day! 

-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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