[SUNDAY COMICS] Sketchbook Wisdom overload, 3 Secrets for Artists, and more

Hey fam,

I have a loaded issue of Sunday Comics for you this week.

This issue is largely about my Notepad Scribing, where I make visual notes of a podcast, webinar, or training.

I learned this technique working with corporate consulting firms where I scribed live at events on whiteboards as a visual support for group discussions.  It's useful for keeping a meeting focused.  I still enjoy doing it.

I started applying it to my personal note taking inspired by my friend Cathy Hutchison, who teaches the craft on her site and models it on social media

It's an incredible memory tool!

So I'm going to share a few that I did last week, along with some other work I did for clients.

Notepad Scribing

This was done on Saturday while watching a free training by Alexis Fedor, who has an incredible program called Profit Canvas, where she helps artists make a living with their art.

Alexis teaches you how to align (yeah, I misspelled it in my sketch) your Revenue Plan with your Marketing Plan in her program, but this training focused on three concepts to get to making your first $1,000 Online:
1) Focus on Low Hanging Fruit- These are the things that you already know you are poised to sell right now.  Take what may already be working and crank it up.  Take what people have asked about, or desires they have already expressed.

2) Use Strategic Questioning- Alexis is a student of Ryan Levesque's Ask Method, so she can help you glean insights from every prospect you encounter.  The better to create irresistible offers!

3) Audience- Fedor reminds us that we don't need a huge list to start making money.

  1. Sell to them- Don't wait until they're a huge audience.  Sell to the audience you have!
  2. Find out what they NEED (then repeat step one)
  3. Find MORE of them (and repeat all three steps)
Anyways, I didn't get a ton of notes there, but I DEFINITELY recommend you CLICK HERE to check out the replay of that training (it expires in less than 24 hours from when I'm sending this).

These two pages are from a conversation on Reframing between 7-figure entrepreneurs James Wedmore and Jen Casey.  Anytime a couple successful moguls decide to chat and record it, I gets my scribe on.  I posted the full notes up on Starving Artists Anonymous in case you wanna read 'em.

I drew this while I was on a Consulting Call with my fellow freelancer Krista Willmorth.

The random quotes and pictures won't make sense to you, but they represent a conversation where I helped Krista work out and plan her next steps managing the different parts of her freelancing business.

After the call, I sent these pages out to Krista.

I am testing these Consulting Calls as a new service to my email subscribers and customers.  If there are things you'd like to discuss, you can book your free call here.

I'll do a similar drawing to document our conversation, and offer the drawing for you to buy Name-Your-Price style afterward.

Print of the Week: A Confused Mind Doesn't Take Action

I drew this during a group coaching call I attended on Thursday.  It was my intention to take great notes, but I didn't really get a lot from this particular call that would be useful to you except this drawing.

I probably had more fun drawing this than I should.  I love drawing brains for some reason.

You'll get used to it.

In case you want this cute little guy on your wall, reminding you of the power of Clarity, click the blue button below.

You will be taken to paypal, where you can pay a mere $17 (which includes domestic shipping), and I will send a signed copy of this drawing to your address first class.

Buy the signed Print $17

Your Calling is Not a [REDACTED] Suggestion by Samax Amen

I was messing around when I drew this in my sketchbook on Thursday. It was in response to the idea that people who have a "calling" had the option to follow it or not as they saw fit.

If it's a calling, it's not optional.  If it's optional, it's not a calling.
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Cartoon Portraits

I have a backlog of Cartoon Portraits to knock out, but I'm almost caught up.  The last couple weeks I got a lot of work done!

I didn't do ANY comic strips last week (!!!), but I'm still proud of the output I had.

I don't have anything to show you from the comic book  projects I'm working on with my clients (Born Again Thugs and BiGS), but you can expect updates next week.

Anything I can help YOU with?

I'm catching up on Custom Art for clients right now, but I'm still interested in helping people with their comic strips.

If you wanna try writing one, I created a free cheatsheet/ checklist that will enable you to write your first strip in 15 MINUTES or LESS, no matter what your experience level.

It's fun! 

Try it!

Then if you want, I can coach you through the process of turning your script into an actual comic strip (Yes, fam... even if you can't draw stick figures), and using it to help you achieve your goals.

So click here to set up a free phone or video call, and together we'll make a plan just for you.

I have more that I could report from last week, but I gotta get to work, and I'm sure you do to! 
Thanks again for reading!

Talk to you later!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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