This DAILY SKETCH is a comic strip, fam.  Plus, a little advice about the best time to write a comic strip

Hey fam,

Today's Daily Sketch is a comic strip.

If you downloaded my 10 Quick Comic Strip Ideas joint, you will recognize this as the script I wrote at the end (I really did whip this script up in less than 10 minutes).

I drew this with my long-suffering Cintiq 12W in photoshop while I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone.

I drew myself as the frustrated teacher, and my Chief Accountability Officer Krista as my hapless student (I think Krista was the first person to write a strip with this tool).

Because I could never hurt Krista, I left the meat cleaver that was in the script out of the drawing.  Also, Krista wrote a great script in less than 15 minutes.  Just sayin'.

If I have time, I will color this strip and share it in the next issue of Sunday Comics.

Want an 11 x 11 inch print of this strip?  Order with the blue button below for $25 (includes domestic shipping).
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I'm sure the ending of this strip caught some of you off guard.  If you have never tried to make a living as a freelancer (or anybody who helps people for a living, really), you may have never had the special frustration of having people ask you to help them, only to sabotage your attempts to do so.

Why do they do this?

The short answer more often than not is Fear.

Fear of failure.  Fear of change.  Fear of what people will say, etc.

Helping my clients and friends overcome their limiting beliefs is probably the most important thing I do (when I'm not battling my own).

Feel free to respond via email or messenger with a problem you're dealing with.  You can even schedule a phone or video chat.

I'll help you however I can.  No meat cleaver.

On that note, I gotta get back to work, fam.
Thanks again for reading! 

-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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