Wanna see some Character Designs, fam? I got a new B.I.G.S. page, too.

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Hey fam,

I am LOADED with Cartoon Portrait as Character Design orders lately!  I have a recurring client who has taken a liking to buying these for her friends as birthday presents.
Here's the latest one...

Meet Lori, of the Royal Manticoran Navy.
There is a wing of my fan base made up of hardcore feminist writers that can't get enough of my depictions of plus-sized warrior matriarchs.

I would love to tell you that Lori was coming to a comic shop near you, but if she is, it's to buy some comics, not star in one.

As far as I know, anyways...
If you see her, keep in mind that it's legal to carry a concealed sword in these parts, so mind your manners...

Comic Book News

I have two comics in progress right now.
The first is a two page Born Again Thugs story starring Rootz, versus the forces of the Vatican.  That should be finished early next month.

I'm also finally getting going on the last issue of B.i.G.S., a comic about climate change, human evolution, and Big Pharma.  Fans enjoyed my art on #3, so I was invited to do the last 12 pages of the 4th issue too.

As you can see here, B.i.G.S. has characters with beards, dreadlocks, afros, and ponytails.

So I'm loving it!

Anything I can help YOU with?

I am getting to capacity as far as client work goes right now, but I'm still interested in helping people with their comic strips.

If you wanna try writing one, I created a free cheatsheet/ checklist that will enable you to write your first strip in 15 MINUTES or LESS, no matter what your experience level.
It's fun!  Try it!

Then if you want, I can coach you through the process of turning your script into an actual comic strip (even if you can't draw), and using it to help you achieve your goals.

So click here to set up a free phone or video call, and together we'll make a plan just for you.
Well, I gotta get back to work, fam.
Thanks again for reading!

Talk to you later!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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