Champ Backer Caricatures #3- @DavidHopkins

These days everyone I meet swears he is a writer, but none of those cats can fool me, because I know David Hopkins. Yeah, THAT David Hopkins. Now THAT dude is a WRITER!
But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself...

When I met David he was an English teacher, but he was already a published comicbook writer and essayist. He co-created Karma Incorporated and Emily Edison at Viper Comics... and he had a comics adaptation of Antigone under his belt too. Astronaut Dad came after that. I'm not sure how long he'd been writing for D Magazine... Anyways, the dude was a writer, okay?
He wrote and did shows and was a cool guy. Now, he has stepped out into the wonderful world of being a full time writer and I am very happy for him. I'm proud to call David a friend, and prouder still that he was willing to back the Champ on Kickstarter. I don't even think I had to ask. He just saw us on there, and mashed the button. That's what's up! If you want to get familiar with David, you should join his new Short Story of the Month Club. $10 will get you a 10 month membership, with a new short story each month! Click here for more info, tough guy!

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