ChampBackers #6- Cathy Hutchison

Cathy Hutchison by Samax Amen

If memory serves, I met Cathy Hutchison around 2005... Her pastor wanted me to do a live art piece during a sermon, and Cathy served as my point of contact. Over the years, I have have run into Cathy plenty of times in art circles, and she has always had a smile on her face. Since she was one of the first thirty backers of Champion of Children on Kickstarter, she earned a free caricature. I hope she likes it, but I'm pretty sure if she doesn't, she'll have a smile and something nice to say anyways!


Cathy Hutchison said...

OMG!!!! Samax. This is fantastic. Wow. No words.

Okay...maybe three.

You are amazing!

Samax said...

Thanks Cathy! I'm glad you like it! Also, thanks again for backing Champion of Children!

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