Champ Backers Caricatures #4- A. Rozelle

A. Rozelle by Samax Amen

As far as I know, I have never met or spoken to Antionette Wright, who writes novels and short stories under the name A.Rozelle, but that didn't stop her from backing Champion of Children, so since she was one of the first 30 backers, I drew her this caricature last night. More importantly, I backed All That Matters, her new novel about "the reality of behind-the-scenes life as part of a mega church. A story of Love, lust, betrayal, revenge and redemption." It seems like the kind of book my wife would like, and it currently didn't have any backers supporting it with only a couple weeks left to reach its modest $1,200 goal. It's not impossible for her to raise that amount in that time, but someone would have to be the first backer, so why not me? After all, any friend of Champion of Children is a friend of mine... and we all need the help of our friends, right?

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