Champ Backers Caricature #5- David Walker

David Walker by Samax Amen
He will not remember this of course, but I met comicbook writer, film maker and all-around fresh cat David Walker at San Diego Comicon in 2006. I was waiting to get into a room with a bunch of other pop culture  nerds enthusiasts to see the trailer for Sam Jackson's (at that time) upcoming anime series Afro Samurai and inadvertently shake hands with the mother- effing RZA. I was standing in line and a door pops open
and there was David (with the angry-by-default look brothers get when we're tired and/or hungry), shoving a copy of his blaxploitation magazine Bad Azz Mofo into my chest. Before I could get my thanks out, he had already gave me the grunt/head nod combo that means "you're welcome" and raised up to find another obvious target for his guerilla marketing...
I've been following his work ever since.
So I was really glad he backed the Champ on Kickstarter. It's flattering when someone whose work you follow gives your efforts a chance too. So David was one of the First Thirty Backers, so I did this free caricature for him.

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