Kickstarter FAIL aftermath

Okay... that hurt...

In case you didn't know, the Champion of Children Kickstarter project failed to reach its goal, but I'd like to extend sincere thanks to everyone who pledged. Since the campaign failed, your credit cards will not be charged. If you're one of the four people who pledged hoping to get original champ pages, send me an email if you're still interested. I'll make sure you get first pick before I put them up for sale again. For a glass half full commentary of the fund-raiser FAIL, check out Michael Lagocki's post on Facebook.
[EDIT]- I just got word that Corance is planning to re-launch with a $2,000 goal on Wednesday. I will blog it again when he releases it. If all the backers return, it will exceed that goal instantly. :fingerscrossed: stay tuned...

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