New Sketch- "StaHHr" by Samax Amen

StaHHr by Samax Amen. ballpoint pen on notebook paper

I've been a fan of Atlanta-based emcee StaHHr for a minute. People that know me well know that I have been a fan of women blessing the mic since Lyte as a Rock. I don't believe in that "She's good for a girl" mentality, nor do I go for silly chick raps. Having had the prototypical good look/cosign of being featured on a few MF DOOM tracks, I don't know if it matters for me to say StaHHr is dope. But she is, so I said it anyways

Anyways, I drew this on a whim. I had her new album Mother Nature with a Molotov/ Molotov Season bumping and just got the inspiration to draw. The likeness is so-so. But that never stopped me before! Click here to listen to the album on my hip hop/ pop culture site GhettoManga.

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